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Frequently Asked Questions

1.When and where can I collect my costume?

Costumes can be collected at Paddington Arts Centre, 32 Woodfield Road, W9 2BE, from Sunday 13th August to Saturday 19th August 2017 between the hours of 5pm and 8pm. Details will also be emailed to all masqueraders, in addition to being posted on our social media pages.

2.What do I need to bring in order to collect my costume?

Please bring ID and a copy of your order confirmation receipt.

3.I am unable to collect my costume. Can someone collect it on my behalf?

Yes, please send an email to elimuband@gmail.com with your order reference number, authorising the person to collect your costume on your behalf. They will then need their ID, along with a copy of your confirmation recept, when collecting your costume.

4.When is the cut-off date for registration?

The final date for placing an order for Notting Hill carnival 2017 would be Sunday 6th August.

5.Can I get a refund if I no longer wish to partake in Notting Hill Carnival?

All costumes are customised items, made to order, so we do not offer refunds.

6.I am not accompanying a child. Can I purchase a parent Tshirt for the Sunday Mas?

No. Parent and Carer Tshirts are solely for Parents and Guardians who would be accompanying their kids on the road that day.

7.Is make-up included in my costume price?

No but we have a range of professional artists who are able to do your make up from 5am each day. You can book a slot online. There are some volunteers who will be able to make you up for free. First come. First served.

8.I am vegetarian. Can I order a veggie meal?

Yes. Indicate your preference when booking your costume.

9.Do I have to pay any extra to participate in Hackney and Kingston Carnivals?

No. Buying a costume for Notting Hill entitles you to play Mas at Hackney and/or Kingston. There are no extra costs to participate in your own costume. If you do not have a costume, we will try our best to secure one for you at a nominal cost.

10.Can I customise my costume?

Yes. For the month of August we will offer members the chance to customise and bling their costumes, footwear and t-shirts under expert guidance. You can book a session or just turn up any evening when both Mas Camps are open. We will provide some basic materials at no extra costs but feel free to bring your own.

11.What are the opening times for the Mas Camps?

Our Mas Camp at Paddington Arts Centre will be opened from Monday 17th July to Saturday 5th August, between the hours of 6:30pm and 10pm. Also, our Mas Camp at the Yaa Arts Centre will be opened from Monday 17th July to Wednesday 23rd August, between the hours of 6:30pm and 10pm.