From the latest to the Oldest

Since 1980, Elimu has participated in every Carnival except 2020

As a group of nationals from Trinidad and Tobago resident in London, we came together to recreate the Carnival we knew and loved

In the early years we copied everything we remembered about Mas, danced to the Road March of that year and created the band according to the best of Trinidad

After 40 years we have become an organisation that is truly diverse and inclusive 

We are not afraid to experiment    We are not timid in trying out different things

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  • Cutting 2014

    Press cutting about students from Paddingtion Arts taking part in Sunday’s opening procession at Notting Hill Carnival under the themes “Carnival Mayhem” and “Black in the Union Jack”. The band Elimu collaborates with the organisation every year to join “London’s biggest street party”. A photograph of the students dressed in white is added.
  • West End Extra 2013

    Newspaper cutting about Paddington Arts’ participation at Notting Hill Carnival with the slogan “under the sea.” It was published in West End Extra. In 2013, many costumes were inspired by the four elements earth, water, air and fire and Paddington Arts chose water as its topic for creative costumes, such as jellyfish or octopuses. On …

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  • Wood & Vale 2013 #2

    Press cutting, published by Alistair Kleebauer in Wood & Vale on the 29th of August, 2013, about the Paddington Arts’ children’s costumes at the Notting Hill Carnival. The kids and adults prepared their outfits, inspired by earth, water, air and fire, over a very long time and were happy to finaly show their costumes to …

    Wood & Vale 2013 #2 Read More »

  • Wood & Vale 2013 #1

    Newspaper cutting about the colourfulness of Notting Hill Carnival, including a picture of colourful dressed participants at Paddington Arts carnival showcase. It was published in Wood & Vale on 1 August 2013. In this year, the carnival’s theme was “callaloo”, a Caribbean dish blending different ingredients. This led to various coloured and exotic costumes, some …

    Wood & Vale 2013 #1 Read More »

  • Wood & Vale 2011 #2

    Press cutting, published in Wood & Vale on the 1st of September, 2011, about the youngsters from Paddingtion Arts representing Westminster at the Notting Hill Carnival. The five to 15-year-olds were dressed in red outfits, because of the current topic “It’s a Red ‘Ting'”, and had a lot of fun. A photograph, by Polly Hancock, …

    Wood & Vale 2011 #2 Read More »

  • Wood & Vale 2011 #1

    Newspaper cutting about the costume-making for Notting Hill Carnival, published in Wood & Vale on 28 July 2011. The carnival’s theme for 2011 was “It’s a Red ‘Ting” and consequently many outfits were of red designs. This article features the Elimu Carnival Band and includes a picture of the dancer Lynda Da Cova in a …

    Wood & Vale 2011 #1 Read More »

  • Cutting 2010

    Newspaper cutting about Notting Hill Carnival’s big success for everyone involved. It includes four pictures of children and youngsters with multi-coloured headdresses. The article explains that his year’s carnival was very successful, from children’s day on Sunday to the main event on Bank Holiday Monday. A spokesman said that more than a million people followed …

    Cutting 2010 Read More »

  • Cutting 2009 #2

    Press cutting, published in 2009, about the possibility to take a look behind the scenes of the Carnival Band Elimu, while they are preparing for the carnival in August. The Cutting inlcudes a photograph of a girl getting her face painted and one of two boys, who already had their painting-sessions, having fun.
  • Cutting 2009 #1

    Newspaper cutting about kids taking part in Notting Hill Carnival on Sunday, which is children’s day. It includes five pictures of them in brightly coloured costumes and the making of the dresses. In 2009, the carnival celebrated its 50th anniversary and again children from Paddington Arts impressed the spectators. The youth arts organisation spent a …

    Cutting 2009 #1 Read More »

  • Mercury People 2009

    Press cutting, published by Juliet Eysenck in 2009, about the Notting Hill Carnival bringing Caribbean-Feelings to London. A huge crowd of about 140.000 people came to see the young performers of the Children’s Day, including kids of the Elimu Carnival Group. Four photographes showing the children in carribean and various colourful costumes are added.
  • Wood & Vale 2008

    Newspaper cutting about children’s day at Notting Hill Carnival, published in Wood & Vale on 29 August 2008. It includes a picture of a dancer in an elaborate costume. The article explains that many children are part of ELIMU Carnival Band and participate in the parade every year, dressed up in colourful costumes and dancing …

    Wood & Vale 2008 Read More »

  • Cutting 2008 #3

    Press-Cutting, published on the 21th of August, 2008, is about how the Carnival group Elimu prepares for the Notting Hill Carnival under their current topic: “Welcoming the World”. A story of the roots of the group and how Marlon Griffith create their various costumes, is added. One photo of two group members taking a break …

    Cutting 2008 #3 Read More »

  • Paddington Times 2008

    Newspaper cutting about ELIMU Paddington Arts’ carnival showcase and band launch, published in Paddington & Westminster Times on 17 July 2008. It includes a picture of a performance of Paddington Arts Steel Band. The article elaborates the band’s offer for the public to participate in several workshops such as dancing, photographing or costume making. Paddington …

    Paddington Times 2008 Read More »

  • Cutting 2007 #3

    Press cutting about the Children’s Carnival under the topic “Abolition of Slavery”. The contributive Elimu Carnival Group performed the tale of the spirit Nanse Ntontan and made the event to a momorable celebration. A photograph by Matt Grayson of a girl in a colourful costume, is included.
  • Cutting 2007 #2

    Newspaper cutting about Florence Quainoo and her sisters Gifty and Dinah, who are all members of Paddington Arts, dancing the streets at Notting Hill Carnival. It includes a picture showing the three girls. Florence, a teacher, explains that she came to Paddington Arts with the age of 15 and that now even some kids of …

    Cutting 2007 #2 Read More »

  • Cutting 2007 #1

    Press cutting about Elena Da Cora, a young girl who performes at the Notting Hill Carnival, and her family who flew across the world to support her. A photograph of Elena and her family, wearing Elimu shirts, is included.
  • Hamp Express 2007

    This cutting was published in Hampstead & Highgate Express in 2007. It states that the an estimated two million people attended Notting Hill Carnival over the bank holiday weekend, breaking all previous records for attendance. It also includes extracts from an interview with Ansel Wong, a founding member of the Elimu mas band and includes …

    Hamp Express 2007 Read More »

  • Chronicle 2007

    Press cutting from the Westminster Chronicle of 2nd August 2007. It includes an interview with Eldora Edwards, a member of Paddington Arts Elimu Carnival Band, who explains how much carnival means to her and is quoted as saying, “Being in carnival is like being in an extended family”.
  • Paddington Times 2007

    Press cutting published in Paddington & Westminster Times on August the 23rd, 2007. It explains that Elimu took the first prize at Children’s Carnival Splash at Alexander Place. The cutting includes a picture of the winning costume.
  • The Guardian 2004

    Newspaper cutting about the children’s day parade at Notting Hill Carnival, published in The Guardian on 30 August 2004. The article tells about children enjoying themsleves at the carnival and includes a picture of a a child wearing an elaborate gold-coloured headdress.
  • Cutting 2003

    Newspaper cutting about the 2003 Notting Hill Carnival. It includes three pictures of children and adult dancers in costume. The article deals with the introduction of pavement barriers along the route to improve the safety for children. Members of the ELIMU Carnival Band supported the introduction as it made dancers as well as spectators feel …

    Cutting 2003 Read More »

  • Paddington Times 2004

    Press-cutting about the group Elimu preparing for the carnival, with a statment from their organiser Tony Charles concerning the upcoming event. It was published in Paddington Times on the 19th of August, 2004. It includes a photograph of a young Elimu member and a big carnival mask.
  • Chronicle 2011

    Press cutting, published in The Westminster Chronicle on the 29th of July, 2011. it is about the Elimu Carnival Band Elimu and gives the readers a preview of the costumes for the upcoming Notting Hill Carnival under the topic “it’s a red ‘ting’.



Elimu has over 40 years’ experience of successful participation in the Notting Hill Carnival; brokering creative partnerships & offering artists & artisans the space to take risks and the cultural ecology of ‘Mas’. And during that period we are proud to have many exemplary, innovative and excellent achievements.
We developed creative partnerships with over 17 performing groups and over 41 artists and artisans; most notable being Kinetika Arts and the Paddington Arts Centre. Our artistic vision is to develop and broaden our arts programmes to secure and retain enhanced levels of participation and engagement by the diverse constituencies and communities that make up London.

Our aspirational goals are:

We have a unique track record of innovation and seminal artistic developments.

Among these are:

• Successful partnerships with a number of prestigious companies – Jazz FM, London Broadcasting Corporation, Maurice Sedwell (Savile Row) Ltd, The Disney Corporation, the Greater London Council, Grace Products Limited, British Airways, The Suzy Lamplugh Trust, The MOBO Awards,Mars Confectionery and Home.

• Diversified our performances with several different performers not traditionally associated with Carnival – East-West Band, Rajasthan Street musicians, Bad Lad Music from Canada, Bangra, Brazilian and Tassa Drummers.

• Set up a cultural partnership with a diverse range of artists, artisans and aficionados of Carnival.
• Refashion t-shirt/Fun/Dutty Mas into ELEGANT MAS by customising, styling, accessorising & decorating bespoke street wear.
• Published bespoke learning materials (Lost at Carnival, KS 1-2 Learning Modules, The A – Z of Carnival) to educate children and teens on the arts of Carnival
• Challenge the made to order manufactured creativity (beads, bums & bikinis) of Fun & Pretty Mas by inviting artists to explore different forms, materials and structures to go beyond the Diorama of the Las Vegas Showgirl.
• Reshaped the commercial/artistic relationship with participants by treating players as paid performers and artists to take risks and experiment.
• Manage fears and hesitancy to participate with free participation in the less pressured Kingston Carnival where duration, audience & public spaces are in favour of the participant.
• Put children & young adults at the centre of our development opportunities by developing a Touring Ensemble with a repertoire of dances, Carnival Bursaries to work with experienced artists and a 6 weeks Summer School.